Seeing the Dead, Talking with Spirits
Shamanic Healing through Contact with the Spirit World

A Session

When she made the appointment over the phone, Beatrice explained that she wanted to find out more about the strange things that were happening to her. She had intuitions and strange dreams. A friend suggested Beatrice call me because of my work with the Spirit World. My initial assessment after our telephone conversation was that Beatrice was "breaking through," becoming aware of her spiritual self.

As I was driving to the appointment, my spirit guide gave me information about what would happen. I "heard" that I had to remove energy from Beatrice's heart that was causing her trouble. She had a heart condition that I was going to heal. I was "told" that I would be given instructions about exactly what to do.

As I drove up to The Oaks, where I had my office, I enjoyed the magnificent view over Long Island Sound. The trees made a collage of greens as the sound of waves softly kissing the shore drifted toward me.

When I walked into my small corner office, the sunlight greeted me through the mansion's windows. One window was round; the other was rectangular. In the middle of the room two chairs faced each other, and a small mattress lay on the floor.

Beatrice arrived. She sat in one of the two chairs while I walked around the room with an abalone shell that carried burning sage from South Dakota to clear the air. In her forties, Beatrice looked very chic, her short hair cut at an attractive angle, and her coordinated sweater and skirt both made from cashmere. Her happy smile completed the picture of an upscale woman.