Alexandra Leclere
Allowing Spirits To Help You Bloom

We were all born with innate joy.

Where did it go?

How can we retrieve it?

A whole dimension surrounds us, full of energy that is just waiting to help us identify and achieve our goals, and reunite us with that joy.

Alexandra Leclere has broken through the wall to that dimension and is able to easily live in that fuller dimension. She can help you reconnect with your intrinsic joy and break through, too.

Everyone can reconnect with their joy and break through to communicate with the Other Side. Through experiential exercises, guided meditation, and personal example Alexandra helps people break out to live happier lives.

Alexandra Leclere is a clairvoyant, clairaudio, and clairsentient energy healer. She can help you become more aware and contact spirits of loved ones who have passed over, or spirit guides to comfort, heal, and help you deal with everyday life.

Alexandra is the author of Seeing the Dead, Talking to Spirits: Shamanic Healing through Contact with the Spirit World published by Inner Traditions, Bear & Company. It will be available in bookstores in November 2005.

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Love is God's most precious gift that transcends through the angels. It's not everyday that an angel comes to us in the physical, protecting us, guiding us and healing us. I'm thankful to Alexandra. She held my hand and walked me through the storm leading me toward the light that connects us al with the Universe. One can't help feel after being touched by Alexandra Leclere a miracle just happened.
E.C. New York

Alexandra Leclere has changed my life.
SM. New York

Everyday, every moment, I feel the joy and the comfort Alexandra has so helped me to see. Throughout all this which could be perceived as pain, I believe whole-heartedly that once I walked through the fire and fear, hope, joy love, and grace are always awaiting.
C.C. New York

Alexandra Leclere was instrumental in helping me resolve a difficult relationship problem. She was a very calming influence. I found Alexandra to be very caring, insightful and totally committed to her work.
M.S. New York

Alexandra Leclere is a truly gifted healer. She was able to find and heal the part of me that was in the greatest pain, even though I could not describe it to her in words. Part of her gift is to perceive the client's problem without being told and to guide them through their own healing in a gentle and compassionate manner. I recommend Alexandra to all those who seek relief in this troubled and chaotic world.
PM, New City, NY


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