Alexandra Leclere

How difficult is it to accept that you are clairvoyant?

For Alexandra Leclere, it was a challenge she had never dreamed of..

Her first contact with the spirit world began after a successful alternative healing that allowed her to avoid major invasive surgery.

This experience inspired her to research various forms of spiritual healing with the hopes of producing a television special.

At a gathering honoring a deceased woman - filled with healers and shamans - Leclere was shocked when she was the only person who could see the woman's spirit. The occurrence marked the beginning of her remarkable personal odyssey into the world of shamanic healing. .

She has extraordinary powers of clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance, awakened through her work with the spirit world, However, Leclere's greatest gift is her ability to experience unconditional joy.

Prior to finding her gift of healing, Alexandra Leclere was president of an international television production and multimedia firm for 17 years.

Leclere has an international clientele and performs healing sessions at the Oaks Healing Center in New Rochelle, NY. She also is a frequent participant in workshops and panels.


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